Well this is one of the question arises in every ENGINEERING students who comes under 2008 regulation i.e., grade system 2012 passouts.Many say a formula to convert your CGPA to PERCENTAGE which is given below
   CGPA*10-7.5= YOUR %

     But this is not the correct way for CHENNAI ANNA UNIVERSITY because if a person scores his full grade i.e., 10 in all the sub and semester he doesnt land up with 100 % 10*10-7.5=92.5% so this is not the correct way.

    The correct way to convert is just by multiplying with 10 i.e, CGPA*10= YOUR %    The above mentioned formula is for other universities whose TOTAL CGPA varies and also i have attached a proof while registering with TCS RECRUITMENT on entering the ANNA UNIVERSITY as our UNIVERSITY it automatically converts our CGPA TO PERCENTAGE just by multiplying by NO CONFUSION GREAT CONVERSION just multiply with 10 BE HAPPY...